Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Min's Place

Over the years the Adat Ari El Sisterhood has made thousands of kiddush lunches, cakes and cookies in the dairy kitchen, also known as the Sisterhood Kitchen. However, one special Sisterhood woman has made her mark in the kitchen, Min Leonard. At the Board of Directors Meeting last month Sisterhood honored Min with a tile plaque for her 60 years of volunteerism! The plaque hangs on the wall of the kitchen and reads: "Min's Place...Min Leonard, 60 years of Volunteerism". Sisterhood President, Karen Gale, also expressed our widespread regard for Min, " We hope you know you are a treasure to us". Min continues to spend hours making cakes and offerring Wednesday buffet lunches for our M.I.D. (Multi- Interest Day) students. However, Min is most known around the synagogue for her noodle kugel that is served at many kiddush lunches. Min's has many recipes in California Kosher, including her famous noodle kugel. Let us know your favorite Min recipe.

Congratulations Min!!

Min and Lena


  1. This is such a beautiful photo of Lena and Min!

  2. Fae Hoffman-BucknerOctober 6, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    This brings back memories of my Bubi teaching me how to make Bletlach!!!! (for Blintzes)

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  4. So great to see this placque. Please send Min my regards -- she and my mother Shirley Green were close for many years. I now live in Atlanta Georgia where many people enjoy the noodle kugel recipe that Min often made in the kitchen at Adat Ari El -- great memories of that. Sincerely, Karen Green Kaplansky