Monday, September 13, 2010

Gefilte Fish?

Every month our Sisterhood has a morning breakfast meeting prepared by a group of Sisterhood members. Among the wonderful spread this month, gefilte fish was served and the question arose, "Does anyone serve gefilte fish at Erev Yom Kippur dinner or Break Fast?" Well, the responses were interesting. The question was not answered directly, but instead elicited a slew of responses regarding the like or dislike of gefilte fish in general.

I assumed gefilte fish was an acquired taste. I never had gefilte fish growing up and though I enjoy most fish dishes, I simply do not like it. Much to the dislike of my sister-in-law, I omit it from my Passover seder. Gefilte fish lovers have suggested methods to make the jarred gefilte fish more "homemade". I have been told gefilte fish from scratch is not the same as the store bought.

What is your opinion of gefilte fish?

Take our poll and leave your suggestions and comments. Do you have a gefilte fish recipe that you want to share?


  1. I re-boil the jarred variety with lots of extra onions, a little oil, baby carrots and pepper (my recipe calls for salt, too, but I don't put it in.) I chill it thoroughly. The carrots add nice color to the platter which I also decorate with parsley. Gefilte Fish MUST be eaten with horseradish. I only serve it at Passover.

  2. I do something very similar to Susie but without the oil. I always start with sweet gefilte fish and my must have is beet horseradish. Once a year on Passover is just the right amount for me!

  3. Well, we usually serve it on a bed of lettuce and add the cooked baby carrots for color. Yes, it must be eaten with horseradish! My mother-in-law had it on the table at Yom Kippur, it surprised all of us since we usually serve it only on Passover. But we all love it so much, it was nice to have it again!

  4. I have been making my own "blended fish" for years. True gefilte fish is delicious and I still have trouble figuring out how and why the jarred stuff still exsists. There is a wonderful cookbook: "The New York Times Passover Cookbook" that has many delicious recipes for this. Using that book, I have created my own version: a salmon gefilte fish terrine with roasted beet horseradish. It has become so popular with those who share our seder that many now have me cater it for them or make it themselves. If you are interested in the recipe: please email me at and I will send it back to you. :-) Lisa aka: Eema

  5. Since I am the offending sister in law, I beg you all to find a recipe that Christine will prepare for me next Passover! I love anything she cooks (especially the sweet challa and Nanny's cake), but the challenge is to use a fish other than dare I say carp! (My mother in law loves to tell the story about the carp swimming in her mother's Bronx apartment bathtub the week leading up to Passover each year) As long as it is served with purple horseradish and a boiled carrot, my many years long dream of "Christine's Homemade Gefilte Fish" would make next Passover dreamy.