Friday, January 14, 2011

Kiddushim Every Week!

Adat Ari El President Sandy Samuels has many goals for our synagogue. The underlying theme of some of these goals: how does Adat Ari El provide or aid in the congregants connection to God and a connection to each other?

Over the past several months, Sandy has been working closely with Sisterhood President, Karen Gale and Sisterhood's Service Vice President, Marla Feinberg to provide kiddushim every Shabbat that there is not a Mitzvah kiddush hosted. Therefore, every Shabbat congregants will pray together and then connect as they share a Shabbat meal.

Sisterhood's kiddushim menu includes challah, green salad, dessert and of course, tuna salad! Sandy invited all the past synagogue presidents and Executive Committe to kick-off the first of these Shabbat kiddushes with a Tuna Salad Making Night. Sandy superbly supervised the tuna salad preparation. He even showed off some knife skills in the proper technique to created the perfect size chopped celery. The tuna salad team flaked the tuna, chopped the celery, grated the hard-boiled eggs, seasoned and bound it all together with the mayonnaise. Sandy then did the dishes!

Come pray and then watch Sandy and team's tuna salad disappear this Shabbat.

Sandy showing celery chopping techniques

The team in action

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  1. Great photos! Thank you to everyone who participated!